About Sully

Group training

Group lessons are kept small and personalized. In most cases all dogs can join in unless there are aggressive issues. I deal with aggression  privately at your home. Come, sit,down,stay.leave it,social skills,people manners as well as jobs for the working breeds are all included in your basic obedience.

Beginning off leash, advanced classes and continued training are always open to you.

Once you and your dog are working together as a team, the sky is the limit on what your dog will do for you. This is where the fun begins. The bond takes hold and the friendship and respect turn into a life time of good times.

My word is my guarantee.

I will always do my best for you and your dog. I provide free outings so we can get together and I can keep an eye on  your dog and your dogs  behavior. We will do things out side of the box so every venture is fun for us all. Every one learns  and laughs on these outing. The more your dogs explore the world the better they behave regardless the situation.

Price List

$2 dollars per mile one way only..... I will be coming from Granite City IL 62040