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we are so blessed to have dogs in our lives.

Basic obedience class. All dogs are relaxed in the down/stay lesson.

dog training

Training classes are held at 20 B Kettle River Dr Glen Carbon IL

All new classes begin the first Monday of every month.

Continuing education begins the first Monday of every month at 7PM

Private lessons are done in your home.

Puppy foundation classes are done in your home.

Depending on the issues, some dogs can pop into any class at any time during the month.

If you need me to make other arrangements for training simply call me.

Together we will get through what ever problems you might be having with your dog.

behavioral issues

Most behavioral issues are addressed at your home. I bring my dog and my skills so what ever the issue , all issues can and will be addressed. I always include  hands on training for you, the family and the dog. I always make a difference. You must call me and discuss prior to making and appointment. I work weekends and when you get home from work. 


I promise to do the best I can for each and every dog that passes through my life.

Because I still love what I do after 28 years I can still do it with all my heart and skills  each and every time I address a dog with an issue.

I am a one woman operation with my dog Vinny as a helper and team player.

Together we will bring out the best in your dog. 

If your dog has issues , we address them in a manner your dog can understand.

I think like a dog and Vinny is all dog so we come at you with lots of heart and experience.

Word of mouth is how I generate my business. Feel free to share your comments. 

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Please call me so we can discuss what is best for your best friend.

About Us

Your friend is with you all the way.

Putting the time and training into your dog allows you to have a buddy that will never let you feel alone. Your dog is your best friend.

Sully's clients know NO bounds!

Here we are at a pumpkin fest riding on a wagon with our dogs. My free outings come with no bounds as life with our dogs is always a venture. 

Me, you and your dog. We are a team.

Feel free to call me with  your problems or what ever issues you are having? As your trainer and friend I am here for you and your dog. I rely on my clients to refer me and I have earned my five stars. 28 years later and I am still passionate about my work and skills in helping you and your dog. Big hugs to all my furry friends out there.  

          Trainer and friend, Sully

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