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Early Foundation Training
Basic Obedience
Beginning Off Leash
Neighborhood Training
Private In-Home Training
In-Home Consultation

8 to 15 weeks of age - 2 sessions - $150.00
New pups need a foundation they can build on. They need guide lines to follow as they grow and mature. Setting up guidelines and rules within the household wards off future problems.
I provide two classes, each class is separate and you will attend them as your pup matures between the ages of 8 weeks and 15 weeks. Addressing problems and attitudes early sets your dog up for good behavior.
You will learn how to correct for unwanted habits without yelling or hitting, and your puppy will learn that the humans are the boss regardless of how cute they are.
You will learn when to give a treat and when not to give a treat.
You will learn how to understand your puppies needs and drives. A pup that is of the working breeds usually needs little jobs to keep them from becoming frustrated and grumpy. Frustrated pups bite out of frustration...I will give them a job!
My puppy foundation classes are for all pups. ( 8 to 15 )weeks of age. Set the foundation for the family and the new pup. Your life will be a lot calmer and you can enjoy watching your pup grow into a good dog. These foundation classes are private and only for the family and the pup. They are specialized to your dog and your style of life. Together we create good dogs by starting them off right. Included in the class lessons:

Playing while learning
Controllilng Nipping and Growling

Requirements for class: You, the pup, a leash and collar, and me.
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(4 90 minute classes)
$225.00 ($75.00 deposit) Monday evenings at 6:00 pm
New classes will begin the first Monday of each month

Including (but not limited to):

Loose Leash Walking
Come / heel/ sit / down/ stay
Do not run out open doors
Don't jump out of the auto simply because the door is left open
Do not eat food off a plate left sitting
Take food gently
Stop the jumping/nipping/continuous barking for no reason
Get along with other dogs
All basic obedience is covered in this course.
Many extra lessons will be learned through out the class

Classes are limited to 10 dogs, so please sign up in advance to reserve your spot. Every dog is treated as an individual and will learn according to the maturity and ability of the dog. As a behaviorist I will be training your dog from the inside out. Should your dog be fearful or scared , we will direct lessons that encourage your dog to be brave. All dogs are different and all dogs come with different baggage. This is not a problem, so please do not worry. Together and with the help of our classmates we will bring out the best in each and every dog. This is one of the reasons I keep classes small. I want to be able to study both you and your dog and see what programs and lessons will work best for you. My goal is to make your dog confident and willing to work for you simply because they enjoy your company.

Nobody is ever kicked out of one of my classes because their dog is out of control or barks to much or is half crazy. So long as your dog doesn't want to eat me and spit me out, you will be in my class until the problems are solved. By the way, most dogs that pull and jump and act crazy out of control, I will bring under control in less than 7 minutes. I have been doing this a long time and out of control dogs are not a problem for more than 7 minutes. Do not be embarrassed of your dogs behavior. I think you are a good owner because you are doing something about it. I am not a treat trainer so your dog will not get treats to encourage good behavior. Your dog will be good because he wants to and he enjoys your praising. I will give treats after class simply because I have enjoyed your dogs company and want them to think coming to school is a good thing.

All corrections are done with a leash on. There is no hitting the animal or cruelty.
I will respect your dog as much as your dog respects me.
If your dog bites me I will bite him back. ( not really, it just sounds good)

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Beginning Off Leash $150.00 ($75.00 deposit) Tuesday evenings

This is a group class where you and your dog learn to play and work together. Four lessons will show you how to play and train with your dog to keep the lessons fun and educational. Dogs love this part of their training! This class is where you will truly see just how intelligent your dog is. Once they have learned basic obedience, they are on their way to freedom and becoming the best buddy you could possibly want. Here is where you will both learn to trust in one another.
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Neighborhood Training
$100 per dog and $2/mile travel
Neighborhood Training for you and your neighbors so you can go on walks together. Your dogs can look forward to their neighbors instead of barking at them all the time. Create a dog friendly, safe, and fun neighborhood.
I will come to your neighborhood and work with you and your neighbors so everyone can walk down the street with a calm dog. Please have at least 2 or more people willing to join in this class.
If this is something that interests you then please set it up with your neighbors so you can all show up at the same time. Create a nice dog neighborhood. Please call me should you need this service. I will have you all walking in a calm manner before I leave. This program works for all most all dogs, however there are some dogs that are so aggressive that they will take more than one session. If you have questions, please call and talk to me.

Contact Sully for more info.
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NEW!!! Outings!! A treat to current clients

Because your friendship and loyalties are appreciated I often put together outings just for you and your canines. You must be a client of Sully's to participate. Outings are a learning adventure for both you and your dog to get to know one another in a new setting with no frills. Old clothes are often a must and you must not be afraid of getting dirty, sweaty or wet.There may be pond swimming for the dogs, hiking, or an urban setting. How fun is this?! There is nothing better than getting back to nature or getting into your dogs world for a change. You can capture great pictures and many memorable moments with friends and canines. Please be sure your dog has a flea and tick preventive on them for rural excursions. This is our treat to you and your dogs because you are valued clients and friends. With the economy getting some of you down, we will pick you up by getting back to nature and forgetting about troubles while bonding with your best furry friends and your sweaty, dirty, wet people friends. Life really is fun if we just enjoy what mother nature has to offer. Together we will learn and laugh and have some great pictures to show for it.... Let's party and get back to nature... If you are wondering if this is for you ,simply look into your dog's eyes and see what they say.? Trees, woods, water, sweat, dirt, fun and laughter ,need I say more?????? Please remeber you must be a client of Sully's join in these private outings. Outings are random and often on short notice. Keep your eyes on the calendar!

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Private In-Home Training Packages $695.00 plus $2.00/mile one way

I will come to your home for 4 private lessons (one lesson per week) and then you can come to my school for 4 group lessons. This program takes care of all your in-home problems plus allows you to socialize your dog while learning in a group atmosphere. This also keeps your dog in training for about three months of their lives. This is needed as dogs have a personality change at 4 months, 10 months, and 18 months. If possible, get your dog in training before these months hit as the problems are more difficult to work with during these time frames. Dogs can be trained at any age, but to make your life a little less hectic and to ward off any behavioral problems, keep an eye on your dogs behavior. Please remember that biting, snarling and growling do not go away, they escalate with time. Keep an eye on your pet's behavior. Training your pet allows them so much more freedom to enjoy the good life.

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In-home Consultations plus hands-on training $185.00 plus $2.00/mile one way

Have a problem that needs dealt with? I come to your home and together we solve the problems that need addressing...

IF, and please be honest, your dog has bitten you or someone else:
If your dog has bitten you or someone else you must let me know.. Not all canines that bite are bad dogs. There is usually a reason for it and together we will figure it out and deal with it. Sometimes it is our fault and other times your dog might just be a brat. But with honesty and a plan we can turn most all cases around and give you back your good dog. I have seen just about it all in the dog world so I work very hard at creating good habits and helping out both you and your dog.. Some times it is you that must change and other times it is the dog. We get through it together so call and please don't think the problem will just poof, go away!!!
For this type of behavioral problem the fee is $250
We spend quality time talking and doing hands on training so I can see where the problem lies. Most all dogs can be turned around so don't be upset. When people call for this problem they are usually in tears... don't give up yet... Please call and together we will figure out what is best for you and your friend.
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