A little advice on behavioral problems:

Don't let problems get too out of control before you call me. Most behavioral problems can be corrected or at least modified so you can live in harmony with your canine. For many of us who purchased a dog after 14 weeks of age, the problems were there prior to you getting the dog. Yes, sad but true, most of the unwanted behavior was created between eight days old and four months of age. As I said, most problems can be dealt with if you are committed and get on some kind of training schedule. I have changed the way a lot of dogs think just be desensitizing them and turning their world around. This can only be done with the help of a dedicated owner who wants the best and is willing to put the time for their friend. Most problems are easily corrected but there are a few that have taken months of dedication and patience. Honestly speaking, there has only been one dog in my career that couldn't learn a thing. Thank god he was really cute and had a dear personality because other than that he was pretty close to useless in the training department. He made a dear friend and a good buddy but he was one sandwich short of a picnic. I'm sure Winston is still living the good life out in California. To think, his owners paid over $1500.00 dollars for him! God love them! I guess you can tell I'm not impressed with price when it comes to a canine. I am impressed with their willingness to learn and to conform to our way of living.

I have dealt with dogs that have been shot and left for dead because they barked too much.

I have dealt with a dog that was drug behind the pickup because it didn't listen and then when it didn't come up dead, the owners shot it. The dog had enough strength to run and hide and was later found by a very caring woman and nursed back to health. This dog is now living in a wonderful home full of love. Most dogs are very forgiving and with a little rehab work they can learn to trust and love again. Personally, I'm not that forgiving. I keep trying to be but when it comes to torturing my little furry friends, something snaps inside me. It is usually my heart.

I have dealt with dogs that have been tortured by the children in the family. I have removed these dogs and they have done well in other family settings because of the program I set up for the new family.

I have also dealt with dogs that are so fearful I had to recommend they be put to rest. This is the down side of my job. The dogs were genetically unbalanced and no training was going to erase their fear of fear. Thank goodness this doesn't happen too often because it breaks my heart to tell their owners there is no hope at all. Fearful canines usually end up biting someone and it's usually children. There are times when this problem can be modified but never with a guarantee. This is a problem that only an expert should deal with. Always demand and honest answer from the trainer regardless whose feelings might be hurt.

Here's a good one and some people can relate to this story. The dog hates and fears the husband. No apparent reason for this to happen it just simply is. I fix this problem all the time, I simply get rid of the husband! Not really! I put the husband to work with a program that forces the dog to trust him. Some times you have to override the animals fear to let them know you mean no harm and they can quit whining and floor wetting and just get on with trusting. My beautiful Maggie had this problem. She really isn't mine but she worked her way into my heart forever. Stacy is her owner and Stacy called me for help. Together with Matt we started the training program. Stacy's friends thought she was a little nutty for paying a dog "shrink" to help her out but because Stacy only wanted the best for Maggie and didn't want her living in fear, she called me. We soon became friends and Maggie is doing great. In fact, when Maggie comes to class, Matt brings her. Maggie does all the agility courses and gets along fine with the other dogs and other people. Maggie has also walked in the parade at the front in order to lead the way for others.

Behavioral problem consultation

Your consultation includes: Getting to the root of the problem. You and I will discuss the problem and come up with a program that is suitable for you and your dog. I will personally work with your dog on some obedience training to see what category your dog fits in. Many times the behavioral problems are caused by the owners. This is not your fault, it is simply what has happened and we will deal with it accordingly. Sometimes the dog is wired too tight and needs the help of your vet in order to get through some of the training. Something to take the edge off, you might say. Drugs are not a life time solution, they are a needed helper at crucial times. One cannot expect a dog to listen if it is so nervous that it can't concentrate and stand still. All problems are dealt with accordingly. I believe in putting all owners through a routine before we medicate if we ever even need to medicate. When dealing with a behavioral problem it must be dealt with like you know exactly what you are doing. We can't have the dog confused because you are confused. This is where team work comes in (you and me). I will hand hold you through it all so we get the best possible results. After all, this is your friend we are talking about.

Consultations can be held at my office or at your home.
Where we hold the consultation will depend on the problem.

Most consultations are about 2 hours long. Please be free of distractions during this time as I will need your undivided attention. I take your dogs well being seriously so the truth must always be told when it comes to repairing your canine's personality. Should your problem be personal and private, then so be it. It will be discussed between you and only me, no one else. You have my word. I have dealt with some pretty weird situation so not much shocks me. I can probably relate to whatever problem you are having.

There are times when a behavioral problem can not be solved in one visit. Should this be the case I will proved a training program for you personally at a price that is fair and affordable. You will get one on one training and most lessons will be coming to your home. All problems are dealt with when it comes to creating a good dog. Remember I work from the inside out!

Your friend and trainer