What I would like people to know is that I care about the future of their dogs and the relationship canine and handler share. It is important that an owner can take the dog where ever the owner must go. I believe all dogs should be crate trained. Reason being, if someone should get sick and this person must go and take care of them, why put your pet in a kennel when it can go with you if it is crate trained? The dog stays out of the way until you release it from the crate and you now have your friend with you and can do what needs to be done for the person you are caring for. Many of us have to take care of our parents sooner or later and why not have your best friend with you? If you are having a gathering and your dog is not completely trained for visitors, then pop the dog in the crate and you can go about your business with out interruptions. Trying to mop the floor with a new pup chasing the mop is near impossible, into the crate the pup goes. If your dog should get sick or hurt and the vet wants them to lay low for a while, into the crate they go where they can rest and heal more quickly.

I believe in educating the owner as well as the dog. People have a tendency to think their dogs are human, though they act like it at times - "a dog is a dog is a dog." Plain and simple. The more insight to animal behavior a owner knows the easier it is to train their pet. I work with the owners as hard as I work with the canine.

Once you sign up with me as your trainer you are free to call me with what ever problems you might be having. Most problems can be dealt with over the phone once I get to know you and your dog.

I believe in correcting un-wanted behavior first. If a dog is having a hard time adjusting to crowds or is not properly socialized, then we spend a lot of time working with other people and putting the dog in situations that will soon become everyday occurrences to the canine. I believe the mind of the dog is the most important. Once the mind is relaxed and trusting of it's owner the training continues.

I teach hand signals and body language and voice control. These are the things a dog most understands. Once you know how to speak dog language the training moves right along. I teach proper correction methods. Most dogs do not need correcting ,they simply need to understand what their owner is asking. I educate the owner in understanding their canine. Most canines can be motivated by a ball or a smile or a good hug. Just the look in your eyes and the tone of you voice lets your canine know you are pleased with them.

I explain how too much praising can turn your dog into a spoiled brat. Once spoiled, your pet will howl when you are on the phone, or won't let you have a conversation without them being right in your face or lap. I can show you how your pet is to bark at unwanted intruders and then return to your side so you can handle the situation. Canines should ride in the auto in a proper manner. Not jumping from front to back and getting in your line of vision. This is all successfully accomplished with a trainer who trains according to the owners needs. I train according to your needs and I try to work with you according to your schedule. Together we get the job done.

I can not train all animals in the same fashion as so many of them come from different environments. Many pets come from puppy-mills. Here we have many behavioral problems that must be dealt with before the canine can be trained in basic obedience. Sad but true, many animals have been abused and are afraid of the human hand. They do not trust and cower when we speak or raise our hands above their heads to pet them. These problems do not have to be life long problems but they are serious problems and must be dealt with in a certain manner. I will bring the very best out in your dog and you will be there to help me and encourage the kind of behavior needed in order for this canine to live in harmony in your home.

There is so much more to dog training then just the basic commands. All dogs know how to sit and lie down. They know how to stay and how to get a ball. Bringing this out in them and having them do it when we ask is the trick to training. It is my pleasure to show you what training is all about and how to create the finest friend ever. There is work on your part but having a great friend is always worth the work it involves. There is a lot of laughter too. You will be amazed at how smart your best friend is once you know how to bring the best out in them.

Teaching you how to work with your canine is the key to training. Your canine must trust in you explicitly. Without trust you have an animal that just does as you say and not out of love and desire to please. I show you how to attain this with your best friend.

I think it is great that my clients talk their problems over with me. I am there to help in all situations what ever the problem may be. I do ask my clients to be consistent and train according to the lessons I have ask of them. Only by working together do we get the job done correctly. This takes time but for the friendship we all create while doing it, it is well worth it. After all, I will always be here for you and if done correctly so will your canine. By the way, did I mention that once you join up with me, your canine becomes one of my children and from here on out we are all a team working together. In case you haven't figured it out, I absolutely just love what I do for a living and nothing makes me happier than seeing one of my children out with their owners enjoying all life's wonderful experiences.

"My life can go to the dogs any day"
Your friend and trainer